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What is Sharemeister?

Sharemeister is an innovative fundraising platform that allows you to give to causes from everyday life experiences. …yada yada…

How it Works

Setup an account & integrate our Giving Tools

Setup an account & integrate our Giving Tools

We have a giving tool for every lifestyle!

Raise or Earn Shares using the Giving Toolbox

Raise or Earn Shares using the Giving Toolbox

Shares are our version of dollars.The more you share, the more you give.

Direct shares to your favorite Nonprofits

Direct shares to your favorite Nonprofits

Or simply use Sharemeister to give like you always do!

Let's Get Started

Or check out the Sharemeister Toolbox

The Giving Toolbox

Whether you spend time online, jog in the park, or make a purchase in the store, Sharemeister provides a "Giving Toolbox" for giving to causes from everyday life experiences.

Start using the toolbox

Or learn more about the features of Sharemeister

Browser App

Turn time spent online into money for the causes you care about. Download the Browser App and earn money to give at no out-of-pocket expense.  When you spend time online, we "pass-through" the ad revenue to you in the form of a Share. The more time you spend online, the more Shares you earn to give to your favorite nonprofits.  

Spend time online, earn Shares, and Give.

Fitness Band

Make giving a part of a healthy lifestyle by linking your FitBit and Jawbone Up fitness bands to your Sharemeister account. Invite your community to your homepage or event so friends can "sponsor your steps".  This giving tool is great for promoting your next 5k marathon!

Live Healthy. Give Happy!

Rewards Points

Link your Rewards Card and donate your earned points to unlimited nonprofits. Every time you use your card at the store, the points earned from the transaction are deposited into your Sharemeister account.  The Shares can then be directed to any nonprofit of your choice. 

Ask about Sharemeister anywhere you use a Rewards Card to ensure the retailer is including you in the giving process.

And much more!
Sharemeister gives you all the tools you need to raise and
even earn money just by doing what you do everyday.

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