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What is Sharemeister?

Sharemeister incentivizes nonprofits and their supporters to shop at your
business by integrating our giving platform with your business.

Listen to the Customer

When companies support social or environmental issues, consumer affinity
towards a brand overwhelmingly upsurges:


of global citizens will have a more positive image of that company


will be more likely to trust that company


will be more loyal to the company (i.e., continue buying products or services)

How it Works


Customer Loyalty

Attract and Retain new customers with Sharemeister.

Highly Scalable

Sharemeister can scale to any business size.


Know the exact giving preferences of each customer.

Cost Effective

Save time and money by integrating Sharemeister with your CSR.



It's free to register and donate directly to unlimited nonprofits


To integrate your CSR and include your customers in the giving process

For more info, contact us.

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